Koi Catalogue 

This catalogue shows the full range of products offered by koi Happiness. We stock only some of these products on our website for immediate purchase & delivery throughout South Africa. Scrubs Rx places orders with this supplier at varying times throughout the year (every 4 – 6 weeks). At those times, clients may place special orders through us for anything you see in this catalogue.

Prices for each item are shown in ZAR. Courier charges will also apply. For a full estimate, including estimated delivery time, email your order details to us at info@scrubsrx.co.za. Special orders such as this are final sales (no returns, refunds or exchanges). We recommend your first order with Scrubs Rx be for non-sale items we stock & sell on www.scrubsrx.co.za. That way you can exchange your sizing if need be (see exchange policy).